Discover a whole new way of controlling your 500L Hey Google. Thanks to the integration of Mopar® Connect with Google Assistant, you can interact with your car remotely, simply by speaking to any Google Nest smart speaker or smart phone*. Just say “Hey Google, talk to my Fiat”.
*The Google Assistant is integrated into phones running Android 5.0 or later, with at least 1.5GB of memory and a screen resolution of at least 720p. On phones with an iOS operating system, it’s necessary to download the Google Assistant app from the Apple App Store and open it before pronouncing voice commands. [NL only] On mobile, use “Ok Google” instead of “Hey Google” to activate Google Assistant.


Discover the convenience of my:RemoteControl by Mopar®Connect. Thanks to its advanced technology, you will now be able to control your 500L Hey Google from home (even when your hands or eyes are busy!) Just say: “Hey Google, ask my Fiat…

  • where I parked my 500L”
  • how far is my 500L”
  • to enable the notifications on my 500L”
  • to disable the speed alert on my 500L”
  • to enable the reminder on my 500L”


Enjoy an innovative and easy new way to look after your vehicle. With my:Car of Mopar®Connect, you can check in and take care of your 500 Hey Google at any time of day, even when you’re not in the car. Just say: “Hey Google, ask my Fiat…

  • to check the fuel level of my 500L”
  • if I left any doors open on my 500L”
  • the tyre pressure of my 500L”
  • where is the closest service center”
  • how many miles has my 500L travelled”
  • the battery status of my 500L”


Thanks to my:Journey by Mopar®Connect, it’s easy to keep track of all the distances you’ve covered with your 500L Hey Google, even when you are at home relaxing on the sofa. Simply say: “Hey Google, ask my Fiat…

  • How many kilometers did I do in the last 100 journeys”
  • How many kilometers did I do yesterday”
  • How many kilometers did I drive in Personal/Business mode last month”

Einige Services werden erst nach und nach zur Verfügung stehen.

*Der Google Assistant ist in Smartphones mit Android 5.0 oder höher mit mindestens 1,5 GB Speicher und einer Displayauflösung von mindestens 720p integriert. Bei Mobiltelefonen mit iOS-Betriebssystem müssen Sie für die Sprachsteuerung zuerst die App Google Assistant vom Apple App Store herunterladen und öffnen.